All personnel functions are covered. 

Human resources outsourcing is an effective strategy to save on the cost of internal HR. Hospitals and health systems saw a rise in HR outsourcing in 2013, and more recently larger organization have begun to transition to an outsourced HR strategy, including Shell Oil and Beyond Meat. The outsourced HR industry has rapidly grown to its current estimated $165 billion annually revenue. With Jambrina as your HR partner, you’ll be able to identify trends and make educated business decisions with enhanced HR intelligence along with reducing your administrative burdens and enhancing communication with employees, helping to build a company culture.

Among the HR tools Jambrina offers to your organization is an HR helpdesk to field related employee inquiries, assistance with hiring (from screening candidates to background checks), and benefits administration, such as health coverage and 401(k) and always staying compliant with federal regulations. Keeping personal identifying information protected is of the uptmost importance, which is why Jambrina uses the strictest security standards to protect data both in transit and at rest.


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